Luxe Bonnet

Luxe Bonnet - Bride Squad


White 'Bride Squad' Luxury Double-Lined Satin Bonnet with Silver Lining

Perfect for all hair types.

One Size. Fits S -XL (51-67cm). Small section of satin covered elastic to the back makes it easy to slip on and off.

Bedtime can be particularly hazardous for our hair. The harshness of cotton bedlinen can wreak havoc with our hair cuticles causing breakage. This nightly abrasion results in dull, dry, frizzy, thinning hair which prohibits our desire for amazing hair everyday!

Spurred on by the need for a bonnet that was both functional and stylish, we developed a sleep cap for all women and all textures, to protect your precious mane from night-time damage. Resulting in easier to manage, stronger, longer, thicker, shinier hair…all whilst you sleep.


Not Your Average Bonnet
Premium Quality 100% Satin Double- Lined
Larger Cap Size
Gentle To Hairline Satin Covered Flat Front Edge
Comfortable & Stylish
Stays On Through The Night
Affirming Your Hair Confidence


Locks in Moisture
Prevents Tangling & Breakage
Frizz Free Curls
Maintains Your Style
Increased Manageability
Cuts Morning Prep Time
Protects Edges/Hairline

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